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Class Schedule

We are always updating and adding new classes to  our schedule.  We offer classes in Scottish Highland Dance for Ages 3 and up, and Ballet, Tap and Jazz ages 2 and up.




4:15PM-5:30PM- Ballet/Tap/Jazz Combo (Ages 5-7)

5:30PM-6:45PM- Jazz & Acro Combo

(Ages 8-12)

6:45PM-7:45PM- Private Lesson




11:45PM-2:30PM-  Primary Scottish

2:30PM-3:30PM- Advanced Beginner Scottish (Ages 6 and up)

4:30PM-5:30PM - Beginner Scottish Ages 4-8

5:30PM-7:00PM- Advanced Scottish

7:00PM-8:00PM- Adult Beginner

5:30PM-6:45Pm - Ballet/Tap

Combo (Ages 8-10)

6:45PM-7:30PM- Hip Hop 

(Ages 6-12)


5:00PM-6:30PM- Mixed Level Scottish 

6:30PM-8:00PM- Adult Premier Scottish




5:30PM-6:30PM- Ballet & Tapp 

(Ages 3-4)

6:30PM-7:30PM- Ballet 1 

(Ages 10-13)




9:00AM-10:00AM- New Beginner Scottish ( Ages 6-10)

10:15AM-11:00AM-Creative Movement/ Intro to Ballet  

(Ages  2-3)

11:00AM-12:30PM- Adult Ballet Combo. (Combo of Ballet and a rotating 2nd style of Jazz/Modern/Musical/Theatre


One Time Registration Fee- $20


45 minute Class- $10/ Class

1 hour Class- $12/ Class

1.5 hour Class- $15/ Class


Private Sessions available 

$25 / Hour


10% discount for families of 3 or more


Tuition paid at the beginning of each Month


Class Descriptions

Beginner Scottish Highland- (ages 7 and up): In this class, dancers will learn the fundamentals of Scottish Highland Dance.  They will learn the Highland Fling and Sword Dance.  This class is for children 7 years and older.


Primary- Intro to Scottish- (ages 4-6): This class is for our wee dancers.  It specializes in the basic movemnets and positions needed to advance in Scottish Highland Dance.  In this class, the dancer will learn the 16 pas de Basques, pas de basques and High Cuts, Sword Dance and Highland Fling.


Tiny Tots (ages 2-3): This creative dance class is a fun introduction to movement with music, improving coordination, rhythm, and confidence.


Kinder Dance (ages 3-4): An introduction to dance for little ones who are excited to express themselves through movement.  Props are used to improve coordination and basic dance steps are taught to prepare these youngsters for the next level.


Mini Tap 1 (ages 3-4): Students are introduced to basic tap skills while having fun using assistive props and incorporating games with their dancing.


Mini Ballet (ages 4-6): Dancers are introduced to basic ballet skills. This class includes movements at the barre, in center, across the floor, and progressive combinations.


Mini Tap 2 (ages 4-6): While this class includes skills learned in Mini Tap 1, it is still an appropriate beginner class for first-time dancers.

Students will build confidence in their tap skills, adding more difficult steps and combinations.


Mini Jazz (ages 4-6): This class will focus on improving flexibility, balance, and skills to be used across the floor and in mini combinations.  Different styles of child-appropriate music will be used including children’s, folk, pop and show tunes.


Barre Fusion (Adult): This class combines moves at the barre and center to create long, lean muscles with pilates moves to tighten the core and some yoga to cool-down and stretch the body.


Beginner Ballet/Modern Combo (Adult): This class is for beginner adult dancers interested in ballet and modern styles. It includes an introduction to technique and skills through barre and center exercises, as well as combinations.

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